we are seeing the strokes 😎

we are seeing the strokes 😎



I’m so fucking done with facebook. I don’t need this sort of negativity in my life. A horse faced alien and a frog thor can hold the hammer but god forbid a women wields it.

I’m so glad I got myself off Facebook.

she looks nuts. i hope this means loki will also get the change up. if not i will be pissed

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a match made in purgatory

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Hold on
Let me fall asleep

Deadpool (2012) #4

Deadpool (2012) #4

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Anonymous said: Rate your sex life from 1-10

i hella love the sex i have cause i love the girl and she does more than i could ever ask for. did you know i write poems on here

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This gardener is really beginning to bum me out. It doesn’t even look like he’s gardening. He’s just digging everything up



check out this trash: When We Were (demo) by Together Apart

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